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Letters for Sarah

Dear Sarah, This site is for you, for Miles, and for Stella.  It is also for friends and family to gather and share stories and memories of our dear friend and family member Melissa.  To remember the amazing and kind person, wife, mother, friend, family member, coworker, and neighbor that she was.  To know Melissa was to know kindness and joy.


These stories are likened to sitting around the campfire, having a beverage, and remembering all the good times, rough times, memories, and  experiences together.  These are stories that truly shape the kind of person Melissa is.  Someday, her children will want to know more and my hope is that this can be a reference for them.  And for Sarah, so that she can know that her tribe and her family is here to support her through this terribly sad time, my hope is that she can turn to these stories for comfort, maybe for a light laugh, or to aid in grieving.


This is for you Sarah,

for your kids, for friends and family, for all of us.  We all grieve with you and for you.  You have our prayers and our deepest condolences.  

Your friend, Mack


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